Yeovil Town through the shed
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wire-wound rotating bobbin core of electic motors used in models.

Silent Runing!

It's been a long time since I have posted anything here about Yeovil Town, hence the silent bit in the title! Basically the layout was started nearly 30 years ago and although the fiddle yard is all ...

Traintronics TT300 problems but fixing them for now

After changing a TT300 point motor in the goods yard in November which appeared to male before break on the micro-switch we discovered that we have a further 3 units causing the same fault in the fidd...


Capacitor Discharge Unit: stores energy to give a burst of power for changing point motors.

Thanks to Dave Sapp

Well after a bit of head scratching last night at the club, Dave came along and pointed out the error of our ways.  We were looking at the three-way point wiring diagram at face value and should ...

Out with the old, in with the new

Several H&M point motors have been intermittent in their operation after a couple of months standing still.  As Yeovil Town is exhibition standard we can't have any unreliable aspects.  ...

Traintronics TT300 Point Motor Problems

After fitting the Traintronics TT300 slow motion DCC point motors to the layout we carried out some tests.  The motors moved well for most of the time but whenever the track had a short they all ...

Faster Routes for Yeovil Town

One of the snags from running during Open Day yesterday was that route setting took too long.  We use a ZTC 511 to which I have installed my own extended memory EEPROM a few years ago now.  ...


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East Kent Models

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Diesel Electric

A locomotive powered by a diesel engine which uses an electric transmission system to transfer the power from the engine to the locomotive wheels.  Essentially the engine is linked to an alternat...

Electric locomotive

A locomotive powered by electric current which can be picked up from either a 3rd rail or overhead wire.  The current is used to drive conventional electric traction motors linked to the driving ...

Smoking electronics and floods...

Well I refitted the accessory decoders to Yeovil Town yesterday one by one and the last one failed on one H&M motor (all the others worked). When I checked it out I found that we had a direct shor...


Last night saw the track faults on Yeovil Town just about sorted (one minor stretch left).  We were then able to run a class 08 shunter up and down all the tracks. It's little milestones like th...

Mainly Trains

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