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Traintronics TT300 problems but fixing them for now


After changing a TT300 point motor in the goods yard in November which appeared to male before break on the micro-switch we discovered that we have a further 3 units causing the same fault in the fiddle yard.  There could be a long term problem with these motors as the operation of the micro-switch is very sensitive to the plastic/rubber wheel on the pin that moves to operate them.  I suspect it could be swelling of of that wheel band that causes the problem so I may need to ensure no oil finds its way into the gap.  Oil was used in the past due to the tightness of the man slot for movement being the cause of sticky motors.

I am hoping the new motors being fitted (4 fitted now) will be of better build quality.

It was interesting how we found this problem out!  The points operated using the ZTC system but caused an unnoticed high current which almost shut the system down for a track short (The result of the micro-switch making before breaking during switching).  When using the Lenz system it immediately turned off the track power so we could not live with it.

I will try and add some pictures to show the problem;

I also now need a way to remove the cover and then replace it when fixed.  That will be another posting.

I am off to change the last faulty point motor today (New Year's Eve) and then set up a demo auto schedule for club members to see next Wednesday...

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