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Progress Tracked!


There is nothing like an Open day deadline to concentrate efforts on a layout!

The problem with the point motors being out of sync has been fixed with some programming.  The new temporary track to the junction has now been laid.  When we tested it we realised that the track we connected it to was not live so 4 droppers later the trains were running..  Nial is interested in learning more about DCC so training on the layout operation has been matched with the need to test every track.  We have already found that one of the programs has been accidentally deleted (pesky amatures).

Next steps is to get the Canal holiday over with and then do the testing/training.  We then intend to repair a station platform and then fit some working signals.

If there is time I intend to fit a wireless CCTV camera to a wagon to get some moving images for the public at open day and also fit some fixed cameras.

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