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Thanks to Dave Sapp


Well after a bit of head scratching last night at the club, Dave came along and pointed out the error of our ways.  We were looking at the three-way point wiring diagram at face value and should have turned it upside down to match the hand-built three way point configuration, which was the reverse of what we had.  That's settled it and we now have a clear way forward to progress the track tests into the goods yard proper...

Phil brought his new point motor driver circuit and again after Dave had come to the rescue with a beefier power supply it worked a treat.  With mainly old H&M point motors we needed something to switch the power electronically and be able to pass only a small amount of current through the control switch.  This also gives us the bonus of being able to throw these heavy duty point motors via a DCC accessory decoder which will give us flexibility later on.

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