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Silent Runing!


It's been a long time since I have posted anything here about Yeovil Town, hence the silent bit in the title!

Basically the layout was started nearly 30 years ago and although the fiddle yard is all new and up to spec, the old part has proved unreliable.  By this I mean that the point motors have not switch when they should and most did not switch the frog polarity reliably.  They were fitted with H&M point motors and a few Fulgurex.

We need it reliable because during exhibitions it is intended to run certain services automatically via the laptop so no humans in control! Will that be safer or not? that is the question...

We have ripped out all the solenoid motors and replaced them wiith the Traintronics slow motion, built in decoder type actuator.  These are good but not perfect.  Once working ok then they seem to stay ok so reliable but the build quality is such that some bind on the PCB and that coupled with the fact they not strong drives then they can be difficult to set up on a stiffer point blade.

Anyway more to come and more often now that I the back of the work is broken.  We hope to run some trains next Wednesday, now that's a challenge...

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