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Sorting out the mess


After fixing the issue of point motors doingtheir own thing when they want to! We tested the main track with several different types of locomotive;

  • An Intercity 125 with a full rake of coaches
  • A Pannier Tank with light milk tankers
  • A Class 66 with sound pulling a rake of 9 104T hoopers (full of coal!)
  • A T9 pulling a couple Maunsell coaches
  • A T9 pulling a long rake of mixed goods with different actual weights

We did find a few snags in the track for various rolling stock so they have been ironed out.  We also discovers some of the coaches on the 125 had original wheels so they had to be upgraded.  All the test trains now run very well around the track but we do have 9 or more locomotives with stange settings on the CVs.  We think this was a result of multiple system resets when the points were going mad so the Cvs may be corrupt.

The next job is to factory reset these locomotives and wait untill the laptop is connected before we programe all the locomotives to the correct top speed.

Club night is Wednesday but as we have 24/7 access the clubhouse a couple of went in Suday to get some more testing done.  We also made semi-perminent the deflector for water over the fiddle yard.  Next job - Cut a slot in the sideof the building to let the water from the leaky roof flow out.  We already have a gutter system in place to direct it away from teh layout but it keeps filling the bucket... 

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