Yeovil Town through the shed
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Yeovil Town Station had disappeared before I moved to Yeovil in 1983.  I had passed through on the blue coach when it was still standing but it really is a distant memory.  This layout was started by Stuart Malbon in 1978 (before I lived here).  In 1979 he met Paul Montecute and the two spent the next 15 years developing the layout in Stuarts loft.  The layout then got dismantled and moved to Paul's garage but for various reasons had not progressed beyond some bare baseboards with fine-scale OO track-work and H&M point motors operated by a makeshift stylus system.

Paul's health meant that he could eventually no longer continue the project so four of our members formed a syndicate (myself included) and joined with Paul the then owner to all part own the layout.

  • Paul Montecute
  • Bob Oaksford (Deceased)
  • Phil Busby
  • John Marshall (Deceased)
  • Paul Howes

During next few years much work was done producing a fiddle yard enabling circular running and end to end running the team was

  • Paul Howes
  • Ernie Dunbar (Deceased)
  • Olivia Howes

Now that stage was complete John Marshall came on board to help with scenic parts and miscellaneous accessories.

Paul M's health never improved and he eventually moved away so his share was sold to Olivia Howes who had spent so much time on the layout.

Following the sudden death of John Marshall in 2015 Paul Howes bought out his share of the project as he had carried out the lion's share of the work and expense.  During 2016 Phil who had moved away to Lincolnshire donated his share to Paul Howes so the ownership at present remains;

  • Paul Howes
  • Bob Oaksford (Deceased)
  • Olivia Howes

We are now looking for others to join the team either within the Yeovil Model Railway Group or working out of the workshops at my house in Yeovil.

Sadly Ernie Dunbar has passed away but a new YMRG member Nikki has joined Olivia and myself whilst his own layout is still at the planning stage.

Sadly Bob Oaksford has passed away and YMRG member Nikki has moved away so Olivia and are once again on our own.


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