Yeovil Town through the shed
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double-slip point

complex point allowing crossing other lines with additional rail allowing train to move on to one of several tracks.

The Point Is

Tel: 01341 250407  Address: Plas Cadfor Llwyngwril Gwynedd LL37 2LA...

What's the point?

After a long period of getting our heads down we have not only completed and tested the fiddle yard but also the existing boards and track of the main layout. I am currently working on a hand built p...

Traintronics TT300 Point Motor Problems

After fitting the Traintronics TT300 slow motion DCC point motors to the layout we carried out some tests.  The motors moved well for most of the time but whenever the track had a short they all ...

Facing Point

A turnout or point which faces oncoming trains.

Catch Point

A single trailing point blade set into a siding or loop track to derail wagons to prevent runaways or trains which have passed a signal at danger (see spad) from fouling a running line, by derailing t...

Thanks to Dave Sapp

Well after a bit of head scratching last night at the club, Dave came along and pointed out the error of our ways.  We were looking at the three-way point wiring diagram at face value and should ...


The front end of a point, where the blades and tiebar are situated.


longer than standard sleeper (tie) beneath point ect.


type of point allowing crossing or travel on alternative track.

station throat

point from which main lines spread into several platforms.


see point.

Single slip success

Last Sunday I had some spare time at the club house to progress the snag list on Yeovil Town.  The problem was the single slip on the station approach which together with another point permits th...


Facing Point Lock.  A safety feature required on all facing points used by passenger trains,which locks the point blades in position to prevent derailments.

Silent Runing!

It's been a long time since I have posted anything here about Yeovil Town, hence the silent bit in the title! Basically the layout was started nearly 30 years ago and although the fiddle yard is all ...