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Single slip success


Last Sunday I had some spare time at the club house to progress the snag list on Yeovil Town.  The problem was the single slip on the station approach which together with another point permits the locos from the main siding (Shed side) to cross the main line into the goods yard where it can then further be routed to a number of different locations. 

Trying to "buzz" out the route so that the live frogs were switch to the correct polarity was troublesome.  Firstly all three of these point motors were Fulgarex (all others are H&M) slow motion devices (used extensively on South Junction and The Summit).  These have a small "micro-switch" which is a common part with other model railway gear.  One had possibly overheated because it had lost it click action and was more of a soft movement so needed replacing.  I had some new spares so duly replaced it.  It then did not "buzz" through even though I could see it had made contact - I guessed this may be its inability pass very low currents so hooked up the ZTC 511 and run a class 08 EWS (DCC) shunter down the main line and was grateful that it just sailed through without a problem.

A single slip here is only used for straight through and as a cross over in conjunction with the separate point so I connected all three together and "hey presto!" they all moved to their correct positions with just one application of some volts.  Incidentally I was using the accessory output from an old non-working Zero 1 controller so an irony here for those that remember...

Next Wednesday we will get the three way point working (it needs a special removable jumper for a frog as it is set across a board joint (unavoidable).

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