Yeovil Town through the shed
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Programming track

A special section of track isolated from the main portion of the layout and used for checking instasllation and for setting the values of the decoder's configuration variables.

Track power bus

The bus used for connecting power stations to track feeder wires.

OnTrack Control

Tel: 01981 540781   Address: PO Box 94 Herefoprd  HR2 8YN  ...

The "Right Track" DVD Series

Tel: -1476 861988  Address: 29 Back Lane Colsterworth Linconshire N...

All Components On Track Controls

Tel: 01981 540781  Address: PO Box 94 Hereford HR2 8YN  ...

Flexible track

Prefabricated section of flexible track that can be used to create both curves and straights on a model railway layout.

Hectic Days in Yeovil

With two of the team in not the best of health at present there is a lot to do for the remaining two of us, in preparation for our Open Day. There are always the tasks you forgot like completing the ...

Old bugs in trackwork

We have fixed all bugs in the track work on the front end and tested all routes. There were some strange physical issues caused by a defective micro-switch and the age of the layout track work and al...

Automating Yeovil Town

The first stage of automating our Yeovil Town layout has commenced.  We have fitted two 8-way LDT block occupancy detector units.  The track feed (red) has been rerouted through the detector...

Island platform

A station platform with track on either side (pictured above).

Planning A Model Railway Layout

From experience, I can safely say "It is better to spend 10 months planning a layout and 10 weeks building it than the other way around!" Why, well given time and discussion with other mode...


A railwayman who works and maintains the track and the associated permanent way.


built - up track base over dip in ground.


banking of track in tight curves by raising outside rail.

Dead frog

An insulated crossing in the track.