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Old bugs in trackwork


We have fixed all bugs in the track work on the front end and tested all routes. There were some strange physical issues caused by a defective micro-switch and the age of the layout track work and also two software issues where routes were programmed incorrectly (yes – that’s down to me!).

We were going to ensure the changeover track in the fiddle yard works correctly (not done before) but I have now realised that if we use DCC uncouplers as fitted to one of our pannier tanks to uncouple the Taunton train after arrival at the station then run round to drag it back to the fiddle yard, then we still need a manual ‘fiddle’ to swap it back once there! The solution to this is to convert the single crossover into to two separate ones, else we would lose a storage lane in exhibition running. We will leave this until after the front track is completed.

I have managed to get the laptop talking to the layout again so I can operate points from there. This means I can now proceed with fitting the block detectors in the feed to each track section that has been designated a block

I have now started to construct the wooden plinth that will hold the laptop and at least two monitors. This also acts as the main off scene barrier for the layout. It will be painted with primer undercoat then painted with a matt colour inside and out.

It appears we could do either of the following;

• Matt black inside, matt black outside
• Matt black inside, green* outside
• Green* inside, green* outside

* I have some good paint spare the same as the colour green in the kitchen on the front of the serving bar.

I welcome feed back on the colour from the team.

We may need someone to take over and complete the newton road bridge, any offers?

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