Yeovil Town through the shed
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Yeovil Town

Yeovil Town (OO exact scale model of the original) CLICK HERE FOR THE IMAGE GALLERY UP TO DATE NEWS FOR YEOVIL TOWN Over the past few years the layout has bee...

Club Night with DCC on Yeovil Town

Last night I had a snag list for the Yeovil Town layout.  Phil Busby and I produced the previous week whilst testing the track now that the final legs had been fitted.  We found various plac...

Yeovil Town Cools Down!

When you don't have the correct devices to convert a DCC accessory decoder for use with slow motion point motors then you resort to using a bunch of resistors (who has 2 watt resistors hanging around?...

Single slip success

Last Sunday I had some spare time at the club house to progress the snag list on Yeovil Town.  The problem was the single slip on the station approach which together with another point permits th...

Landslip at Yeovil Town

After replacing a couple of H&M point motors the base board was replaced.  The alignment proved a problem and after much investigation one track was deemed to be at fault.  It was by an ...

What a fiddle!

Work has started on the fiddle yard for Yeovil Town.  It will consist of four 2ft x 6ft boards with a short 1/2 metre board in the centre.  The two end boards will house the points and DCC a...

Fiddle Yard Construction

After much deliberation it was decided to construct a fiddle yard for Yeovil Town so that club members could run OO stock on club nights and the layout would then be a fully fledged exhibition layout....

Letting go of control

It has finally happened. Yeovil Town today had it's first session with computer control.  We have much work to do on splitting the layout up into blocks but at the mo just operating points and ru...

Silent Runing!

It's been a long time since I have posted anything here about Yeovil Town, hence the silent bit in the title! Basically the layout was started nearly 30 years ago and although the fiddle yard is all ...

Yeovil Town Station 1

Summer 2008 - Layout still in construction: From the rear of the Yeovil Town Station shed, looking out accross the layout.  The intention is to add a webcam in this position to add interest at Ex...

Yeovil Town Station 2


Yeovil Town Station 3


Yeovil Town Station 4


Yeovil Town Station 5


Yeovil Town Station 6