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Club Night with DCC on Yeovil Town


Last night I had a snag list for the Yeovil Town layout.  Phil Busby and I produced the previous week whilst testing the track now that the final legs had been fitted.  We found various places where the track needed fixing and a wiring fault on the single slip (my fault!).

Olivia and I had just started to set up for testing when Paul Monticute arrived. Paul was the original sole owner of Yeovil Town and had started it some 25 years ago...  Paul is not well so we knew he could not stay too long so after fixing one track fault I set up the ZTC 511 and ran some DCC sound locos just to demonstrate to him sound on his layout.

All went well and a class 37 was soon followed by a class 20 and class 47 all with sound.  Paul seemed interested in the effect all other members who stood around all looked on.  After Paul had left having stayed a short while, our club secretary (an EM man) Ed wanted to take over with an EWS 08 shunter.  This then ended up with class 37 on the same track and few close shaves were noted as the two locos were manoeuvred together and then apart many times.  The class 37 has inertia so a little tricky to control.

Whilst this was all going on I managed to fix the electrical fault with single slip only managing to stop upset the locos once or twice with my soldering iron...

After 9:30 the usual contingent drifted down toward the pub and it was time to pack up and follow them.  Not the most productive evening but lots of interest as the layout performed well.

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