Yeovil Town through the shed
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Model Railway and Steam Railway

Address Trago Mills, Leisure Park, Newton Abbot, Devon  Postcode TQ12 6JD ...


Welcome to the Yeovil Model Railway Gazette We are a team of modellers that are enthusiastic about creating an automated exact replica of the now completely removed Yeovil Town railway station and it...


Yeovil Town Station had disappeared before I moved to Yeovil in 1983.  I had passed through on the blue coach when it was still standing but it really is a distant memory.  This layout was s...


 For all Yeovil Town enquiries Who: Paul Howes Tel: 07768 116654   ...


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Model Electronic Railway Group (MERG)

Founded in 1967, the Group’s aim is to actively promote and advance the use of electronic and computer technology for model railway operation. Railway modelling, one of the world’s most po...

Yeovil Model Railway Group (YMRG)

Yeovil Model Railway Group are a friendly and well established group of modellers that not only enjoy being together building club layouts and helping each other but enjoy a great social life too! The...

Yeovil Town

Yeovil Town (OO exact scale model of the original) CLICK HERE FOR THE IMAGE GALLERY UP TO DATE NEWS FOR YEOVIL TOWN Over the past few years the layout has bee...

Atmospheric Railway

The brilliant but, fatally flawed railway propulsion idea pioneered by Brunel.  Trains were connected to a sliding piston within a pipe which was laid along the centre of the track and propelled ...

Railway bill

The name of the legislation required before any railway can be built.  The sponsors have to prove it's financial soundness and benefits to Parliament to receive approval.

Railway Mania

Refers to the great rush and craze to sponsor and build railways which occurred during the mid 19th century in Britian.  Many fanciful schemes were promoted through Parliament during the period a...

Railway time

Prior to the building of the railway network, many different "time zones" existed across the UK.  This however, proved to be unworkable to the railways and so a "standard" was...

LNER London and North Eastern Railway

Second largest of the groups, this railway covered the eastern side of country, north of the Thames, through to Edinburgh, and Aberdeen.  It also had lines to Manchester and Glasgow and included ...

GNR Great Northern Railway

Serving from the north eastern home counties, through Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire to Leeds.  This railway formed the southern half of the East Coast Main Line.