Yeovil Town through the shed
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YMRG Website Aims High

"If you are going to set targets they should be achievable..."
This is what they tell us in business so why have we set the target for this website to be the first stop for modellers in the UK?
Yeovil Town - Progress so farWell... It is achievable.  Given that it is an advanced fully featured Content Management System (Kontrolit V3) we can, not only control the content but evolve the website design and facilities along with where the YMRG, hobby and users aspire it to go.  We have the knowledge and experience among members to all contribute our bit to its success and we have the professional website experience to move this site up through the search engine rankings.
We hope that modellers of all persuasions find that the forum is a great place to exchange views and that they can express these views without strong censorship.  When fully populated the resources section will help modellers find the shops, the clubs and the events they are searching for.  The glossary section will take some of the myth out of the hobby and the layouts section will provide inspiration to those embarking on one either as an individual or as a club.