Yeovil Town through the shed
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Automation just about there


It's been a long time coming but we have now completed the wiring for feedback modules under the layout.  Some people fit just a few sensors to their layout to save cost and gain automation between those blocks.   I chose however to fit as many blocks as possible to;

a) Help track progress around the track

b) To enable far more intricate movements between blocks

What is a block?  Well its a section of track that normally contains no points and normally has a reasonable length.  Here on Yeovil Town we have good lengths in the fiddle yard so have perfect blocks plus we have at least two blocks on the approach and exits of the fiddle yard.

On the front end the blocks vary in size, some are not long enough for a whole train but will detect an engine.  This will help change speed more often and accommodate the many moves by individual engines both in the engine shed area and on the main line.  I have in fact tried to use up the spare ways on the 8-way feedback modules where possible just to keep options open.

The end result should be a very flexible feedback system that will let us create some imaginative schedules to keep the public interested whilst view the layout.

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