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Getting there...


Last night at the club we tracked down the remaining fault with the DCC accessories.  The decoders had become scrambled when the CDU failed (or visa versa!).   I am back in at the weekend to reprogramme them and get the layout fully functional again.

Much of the remainder of the time was spend discussing the signals required on the layout.  The clubs Chairmans cup has set the task of building a signal for any layout albeit your own or a club layout.  Yeovil Town has a rare Counter balanced signal with a fixed distant so I will try my hand at that one...

This is what clubs are great for... Having several people talk about and investigate the same theme because we all have a little knowledge then much of the whole picture can be built up.  John had prepared a list of all the signals but could not identify all of them.  Bob came along and was able to fill in some gaps.  My book on GWR showed the special signal and the diagram showed where it was.  Others had images of signals taken at Yeovil Town and so showed construction.

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