Yeovil Town through the shed
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Automation Magic!


Yeovil Town has seen some impressive demonstration running due to an extra memory chip being added to the ZTC 511.  We now have 46 preset routes which work amazingly well.  A loco can be taken from the main Hendford track to a yard destination such as the first shed track.  With just one simple command we can send the loco through the complex yard throat twisting and tuning through each set of points to it gracefully arrives exactly where it was destined for...

We have now purchased a ZTC 511 specifically for Yeovil Town and have added a memory chip to it.  About two hours of programming and its all up and running.  This will be bolted into postion and the power booster for accessories has now also been bolted to the floor of  the power box.

We have also built the basic box that the control panel will sit on and over the next copule of weeks we will see that painted.

Yeovil Town is now in a useable state such that we can test many locos and wagons to find small imperfections in the track work which need fettling.

Well I'm off to design the MIMIC now and fit it with some MERG accessory modules that Phil will build.  Another few weeks and we should have at least one of the two intended MIMICs up and running.  A two wire connection is all we need to switch the LEDs from red to green for each track.

The layout coordinator Phil has now sorted tasks for scenery so we are pressing on with the layout on all fronts now. 

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