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Gee Wiz...


Last Saturday on the Yeovil Town layout saw yet another milestone with a ZTC 304 and CDU working 4 of the H&M points as though they were made for each other.  Some very simple wiring and two wires back to the ZTC booster saw the points move accross without exception.

With the ZTC 511 able to set some routes it's going to be full steam ahead next Wednesday afternoon and evening with fitting the remaining units.  The intention is to use bi-coloured LEDs on the MIMIC panel to indicate green=clear and red=blocked.  Some cheaper home made (or MERG) continuous output accessory decoders will be needed (about 24 ways - thats 6 boards) for each of the two MIMIC panels for the layout.  We intend to make these about A3 in size and they will only have LEDs as per a real MIMIC panel.  Any control switches will be on a seperate panel.

When done we will investigate coupling up a laptop to the computer interface and setting routes there - all very exciting stuff but first things first, lets get the points wired up and the MIMIC made so we can actually  use this layout.

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