Yeovil Town through the shed
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Ok, so Yeovil Town did not quite work correctly last night...

We got someone to clean the track and they were a bit too enthusiastic and the track cleaner was not up to the job so we ended up with little bits of cleaner material shorting bits out till they were eventually vacuumed off.

To cap that we had forgotton to test the last crossover betweeen the main and Sounthern lines so that's a job to fix at the weekend.

We have decided to postpone the making of custom point control circuits and fit the ZTC 304 with CDUs so that we can start to work all the points.  It makes the MIMIC easier to make also so we can stick some MERG 4-way decoders in there and just connect two wires to get everything working.  This will also make the repeat MIMIC panel that is really needed an easy addition.

Well we must have had 20-30 different locos on the layout last night as we tested as many different ones as possible - there was even a DC loco being followed by a DCC one on the same track about 25mm away from it!

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