Yeovil Town through the shed
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Trains Jim, but not as we know them


Well it's 7 weeks to the YMRG Open Day and Yeovil Town needs to impress.  Progress to date is that the scenic areas of the layout are now almost complete and Automatic running applied to 3/4 of the layout.  The track is very dirty so before we can run trains we are striping all rolling stock off of the layout and using track rubbers and various cleaners including the Dapol cleaning car we will clean not only all the track but the rolling stock also.

One these are all clean we can gradually build up the automatic sequences once again into a combined free for all sequence.  Unlike the first time around we intend to video these attempts and create a library of trains running to a sequence.  Some sequences interact and we know of at least one instance where a single slip is given over to another train before the first one has cleared it - This will need to be fixed.

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