Yeovil Town through the shed
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Updating the web


For some time now Yeovil Town has been a difficult project with my wife Olivia and I trying to grab as much time as possible to complete the "Garden" area for scenic effects.

It has been quite important to complete it is such a way as to give as near a genuine look and feel of the actual station in it's surroundings.  There is still some more work to go but we will shortly be switching to ensuring the trains run to schedule with correct interlocking of points and signals.

This year will see another open day for the Yeovil Model Railway Group so its important to get the layout running correctly and looking right albeit more work to do on buildings etc.

We plan to upload videos of each sequence as we get it right with further videos of combinations of sequences to show how the software easily manages complex movements.  In the meantime I am hoping for my new website to better show these off.

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