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Signals are changing


A short delay for attending the NEC over the weekend means we have bought more signals and controllers.  We have managed to operate the Dapol signals via the ZTC 511 using DCC.  The task now is to wire up all signals to plug and socket arrangement into each signal controller and in some cases we can operate two signals from one unit.  After ordering far too much yellow heat shrink we decided to tidy up the Dapol wires by shrinking over the top.  The end result is a system whereby we can swap out signals by plugging them in.

It transpires that we not only have GWR signals on the layout but also SR.  Not suprising given that the two organisations shared Yeovil Town, what is supprising is that it seems they have chosed to augments the GWR signals in a few places with SR signals just because they wanted a shorter signal that could be seen under the road bridge..!

Progress too with the Lenz PC interface which should be sorted by the morning of 1/12/2017.  Getting that working on USB and Windows 10 64bit OS was a pain...

BTW: 4 very tall (proper size!) pre-made trees have appeared on the layout as the forerunner for the wooded area at the scenic break to Pen Mill and Yeovil Junction.

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