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Computers have taken over


The main computer (mini Tower Dell) has been set up with Traincontroller Gold version 9 and installed at the layout.  I updated to version 9 to keep us up to date with the latest software and its abilities.

A quick test shows that I can talk to both the ZTC 511 for trains and points and the Lens system for block feedback - a little more work with drivers is needed here!

We have bought a number of new Dapol GWR signals and have extended our stable of twin signal DCC driver modules to about 11.  There are a lot of signals on Yeovil Town and these will be moving quite often driven by the computer.

We have ordered an outside loo for the end of the month and may extend its hire beyond February 1st to enable us to program all the schedules for exhibition operation.  I am seriously looking to program some for modern club night running as a demo... :-)

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