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It's a swivel Jim but not as we know it


We have finally made some headway with the new track on the new front boards.  The boards were designed many years ago and by chance the joint between two 6ft x 2ft boards lies directly under complicated point-work.  After much debate it has been decided to fix those two boards plus another 6ft x 6inch board together as one piece.

This will give us a cumbersome board to manhandle into place - the solution is to mount the board on a swivel arrangement that is on wheels which can also act as a frame for other boards and fit into the eventual dedicated trailer.  Thus many awkward boards can be housed in the one frame.

This will remove several of the large heavy legs from the front of the layout and it is now our intention to replace the rest of these with the same design legs as the fiddle yard, light and strong.

The old track has now been removed and we are next to fix the boards together permanently and make flat the join areas.  It has also been decided that we will cut lightening holes into the new larger board to ensure weight is kept down for the trailer.

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