Yeovil Town through the shed
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Repairs after renewal


Having stripped down the two scenic boards that have been partly completed and removed them to a shed at home to complete the task we stripped off more boards from the front of the layout so that the team fitting the new tracks and points have good access. A problem area with one board joint where dampness has swelled the original chipboard surface has provoked aspirations to rebuild that board in 9mm ply as per all other new boards thus ensuring no problem in future - but - where will it all end? Tempting but I am now looking at a different solution which will be less work.

What is obvious is that the existing front end leg system is over engineered with large heavy legs so we have decided that they should gradually be replaced with new thinner strongly jointed legs as per the off scene boards. These will require me to dust off the mortice machine for the joints.

The remaining boards are now levelled and flat so track-laying can now commence.

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