Yeovil Town through the shed
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Dark Days in Yeovil


 Whilst board 2 is away from the layout gaining a scenic look! we have been gradually covering the approaches and exits to/from the the scenic part of the layout.  This is where the dark days comes into...

Having a 3ft bend one end and a switchback bend the other lends itself to defining the edges of the public part so that trains come and go via dark areas. This enhances the illusion of reality we seek and hides the sudden switchback to the Yeovil Junction fiddle yard.

I also believe it helps add an air of mystery...

A good length of the layout at the Penn Mill/Yeovil Junction end is off scene so we are extending the covers to enable angled boards to be fitted that can display some articles and facts about the layout/station.  Currently the main offering here is the original track plan draw um on about an A1 sized board - this always attracts some interest

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