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Terraforming in Yeovil!


I have the left most board at home and have added the hill and small mounds together with grass and weeds. We have yet to add telegraph poles, fencing, coping stones for bridge and complete the roadway.

We will then rewire the underside for automation so that we can make the layout operational for mid December’s phot shoot.

After the photo-shoot we will take the next board and complete that. This will need the Front and rear culverts added with some small board extensions to show the track of the stream. We will also assemble the footbridge and rewire.

We have determined that the slot in cork on the second board was indeed where the home signal should go so we will add it. I need to establish if the distant signal worked both homes in front of it (I think it did) as there does not appear to be a second distant and of course there is only one signal box at this time.

I will need to make the ground signals that need to work correctly for the Hendford siding points and operate these from a MERG server4 driver board. I would think that board 2 would be complete just after Christmas.

It seems that my schedule for automation of the layout were not realistic so that will follow: I have now sourced a much better laptop and set this up as a dedicated one for the layout, it has a wide screen which is needed for the Train Controller Gold software. On this subject I have upgraded the software from version 7 to version 8 and that works. I am intending to set up a test track at home using another set of controllers identical to those on YT and get used to the software. This should save time at the shed when we set out automatic sequences and I get to work in the warm!

John board one can’t accommodate further building scenery if we need that we will need to move the back scene rearwards at some time.

The third board to complete will be the goods shed board at the rear as that too will be easy to do. By then we should be in a position to concentrate on the right most boards as the junction crossovers will be installed by then and we can cut the embankments and model the lowered ground area and Pen Hill. The trees can be made to suit but there were actually a thick clump in the triangle so we will not be deviating far when we hide the scenic exits with trees.

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