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Electronics with a mind of it's own!


After spending two sessions trying to get my Lenz LH100 to work as per the English manual (version 3.6) I finally discovered it was still set to German! This must be why the previous owner put it on Ebay, they too could not understand why the words were different.  Still a quick simple procedure to follow and the language is now English so a better chance of understanding that...

Well I managed to get the thing is flashing stop mode and could not get it out despite trawling the internet for advice.  I finally saw a comment about the on board battery so set about stripping the control unit down and check the battery.  This was interesting (always is nice to see the workings) but battery was still ok and I put it all back.  Plugged it all back in and it all worked.  Yes, I don't know what I did other than put a meter across the battery, so it's a mystery to me.

Pressing on with checking the and programming the LDT feedback/occupancy modules now as we need to get it working automatically by the end of October.

We are also putting together a list of train movements that can be programmed in and then sequenced.


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