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Chips with everything!


My prize locomotive (A sound enabled EWS livery Class 66) and it's sister class 66 (no sound) both failed recently so no impresive long trains to test Yeovil Town.

One was dead and would not respond at all and the other jerked around the layout displaying what appeared to be current limiting characteristics..

The sound loco was fixed by a factory reset (Setting 8 into CV8) - Looks like some CVs got scrambled...

The other one was a little more difficult as it has a plug in DCC chip without leads.  This was about 0.7 - 0.8 of an amp so I fiitted another  but found that the chip was dead.  I then fitted a new Gaugemaster DCC chip (8 pin) and this seems to work ok.  I still need to hit it hard with an club night of running to ensure its ok long term.

This Wednesday sees Yeovil Town helpers get trained in the use of its current controls (ZTC 511 with about 100 routes pre-set)

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