Yeovil Town through the shed
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Distractions but progress


Members are being drawn from all quarters as main interests range from the expected OO and O gauge through to 3 rail!

Back to progress; we have renumbered the one of the duplicated tanks from 6757 (Shedded at Yeovil Town) to 6412. We have started to install on said tank a Hatton’s DCC un-coupler. If this works well will convert another locomotive for use as a shunter and also fit two to at least one Taunton locomotive so that we can automate a run round to pull the train back to Taunton.  We have also started to weather the goods shed which Phil built prior to be exiled to Lincolnshire.  

It was interesting to find that one of the points complexes for Hayno Junction is the same as is needed for Yeovil Town so looks like we will be making two.

The mystery of the ghost train movements deepens as it occurred again last night but suspiciously only after the building was fully lit and occupied? Could be anything from volts drop to fluorescent light interference. Watch this space...

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