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What a fiddle!


Work has started on the fiddle yard for Yeovil Town.  It will consist of four 2ft x 6ft boards with a short 1/2 metre board in the centre.  The two end boards will house the points and DCC accessory modules with the other boards just having two standard flexitrack lengths in 11 parallel rows. 

The centre lane will be accessible via both up and down inner tracks to enable movement between them.  The designed will enable the yard to be used on a shorter or longer layout as all boards will be made with identical interfaces.

These boards are of simple construction and we will be posting images of progress once we have started assembly.  Because it will be DCC the wiring is very simple and will use the 4mm banana plug and socket (Red + Black) at each end - for jumper leads to connect them.

Target for completion is the end of January with end radius boards completed by the end of February.  We will be working on these throughout January on Wednesday afternoons as well as club nights.


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