Yeovil Town through the shed
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Yeovil Town Cools Down!


When you don't have the correct devices to convert a DCC accessory decoder for use with slow motion point motors then you resort to using a bunch of resistors (who has 2 watt resistors hanging around?) and the down side of this approach is great amounts of heat emanating from below the baseboards!!!  Now we have fitted two ZTC310 units which operate much more efficiently then the whole place cools down and is much safer...

Time is now short as we have a deadline of next April for it's first exhibition.  Phil has been busy building the goods shed and station and has even been seen taking home the plans for the replacement loco shed!  John has been busy gauging stock and I can see a stack of DC locos being sent my way soon for DCC chipping - watch this space.  I have been busy building the layout extension baseboards  but they are different to the rest of the layout due to the contours required for the terrain in that area.  These boards add what is the main green scene as the rest of the layout is all track!  It will also mean hand building four new curved points so I have my copy of Templot handy to help get it right...

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